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The ExtractIcon function retrieves the handle of an icon from the specified executable file, dynamic-link library (DLL), or icon file.
HICON ExtractIcon(
    HINSTANCE hInst, // instance handle
    LPCTSTR lpszExeFileName, // filename of file with icon
    UINT nIconIndex // index of icon to extract
hInst Identifies the instance of the application calling the function.
lpszExeFileName Points to a null-terminated string specifying the name of an executable file, DLL, or icon file.
nIconIndex Specifies the index of the icon to retrieve. If this value is 0, the function returns the handle of the first icon in the specified file. If this value is -1, the function returns the total number of icons in the specified file.
Return Values If the function succeeds, the return value is the handle to an icon. If the file specified was not an executable file, DLL, or icon file, the return is 1. If no icons were found in the file, the return value is NULL.

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