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Интересный снимок австралийца Джара Уайт. Он, оказывается, собирает деньги на свой полёт к Луне (совместно со своим оппонентом) :)

На "рациональном вики" есть любопытная информация о нём:

Jarrah White - RationalWiki

Conspiracy Jarrah White (born 1980) is an Australian conspiracy theorist known mostly for his long-running series of YouTube videos claiming that the Moon landings were hoaxed. In addition to the MoonFaker videos, he also maintains a website with the same name and his beliefs about the hoax have led him to a few confrontations with notable skeptics on and off the Internet. He likes to style himself "Grandson of the Apollo Moon Hoax Theory". Most of White's "evidence" appears to be borrowed from earlier conspiracy theorists, notably Ralph René, with whom White claims to have become friends prior to René's death. // Дальше —
Историята не се нуждае от пренаписване, а от осмисляне. (История не нуждается в переписывании, а в осмыслении.)  
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